Portfolio - Wildlife

baby step

baltimore oriole

american goldfinch

indigo bunting

wood duck

king eider

great egret

common yellowthroat

tufted titmouse

eastern bluebird

piping plover


orchard oriole


roseate tern

yellow warbler

solitary sandpiper

cedar waxwing

hooded merganser wing flap

harlequins in flight

northern parula

northern waterthrush

red-necked grebe

male northern cardinal

red bellied woodpecker

blackthroated blue warbler

piping plover chick


spotted sandpiper

female northern cardinal

yellow crowned night heron

black bellied plover



barn swallow

tree swallow daniel web

hooded merganser

swamp sparrow

blackthroated blue warbler

junior cygnets

wild rabbit


swan and cygnets

wood duck front view

ringneck hen

ring neck drake

pelican lajolla

sea lion

hooded merganser hen

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