About Michael Rossacci

My jouney into photography has evolved along a winding road that began back in my elementary school years.  Back in those days my "camera" was a drawing pad together with my eyes and a soft number 2 pencil and eraser.  My parents who noticed some flashes of artistic talent sent me to local professional artist where I began to learn about perspective and depth which really expanded my ability to observe subjects and reproduce them on paper.  These art lessons gradually expanded into media such as watercolors, acrylics, and oil paintings of my favorite subjects, scenic landscapes about nature.   Later on during my college years, I was given the opportunity by an uncle  to borrow a used  single lens reflex camera (vintage 1970's technology) and take it on a trip to Washington, DC.  He taught me a few basic tips on how to meter the light falling on the subject and soon I was off and running.  It was during this trip that I became fascinated with the camera and how it created an image of the scene before my eyes. I remember coming home with some amazing pictures.  Now, many years later, in the midst of this digital imaging boom, I find myself continuing to live out my artistic passions capturing digital images of the nature around me.  When I am composing behind the camera, I instinctively think about my core artistic training of perspective and depth.  Although I really  enjoy shooting almost anything to do with nature, some of my favorite subjects include local waterfowl, flowers, and scenic landscapes.

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